We are thrilled to see the responses we get about Menuvative from our guests.  It's like a lightning rod for our social media.  As expected, the visual aspect has been great for sales.  But there have also been some unexpected benefits that give added value, like its usefulness as a staff training tool and marketing platform.

  • Justin Klavon
  • klavons.com
  • Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub

The rising cost of seafood had me worried. There were just too many times that price or supply fluctuations would force me to either absorb the extra cost, raise prices and reprint my menus, or operate with out-of-stock items on the menu. Those are not acceptable options for any business owner. Menuvative is exactly what I needed to gain control over the ever changing price and supply of fresh seafood.

  • Joe McLaughlin
  • swanriverseafood.com
  • Swan River Seafood - Naples, FL

It's a rare thing in this industry to see such a rapid effect from a single product.  Almost overnight, we see more wine and a greater variety of food dishes on the tables whenever we put Menuvative in our hotels.  Check averages rise consistently, guests love the richer menu experience, and it adds a level of flexibility that hotel restaurants especially need. Menuvative is the future. 

  • Bill Kohl
  • greenwoodhospitality.com
  • Greenwood Hospitality Group

I couldn't believe the sales mix after the first month of use.  How a dish looks is now the primary reason a dish gets ordered or not, and price seems to fall to second or third on the list.  When the highest priced steak dish outsells a specialty pasta dish in an Italian restaurant, you know you've got something special going on. This changes everything. The order, the images, and the items themselves......it's time to rethink what the menu is and can be.  

  • Terry Kretz
  • ciaorestaurant.com
  • Ciao Ristorante - Sylvania, OH

Guest reviews on sites like OpenTable, Yelp, and TripAdvisor give a good read into just how ready people are for Menuvative. These days, people need to be impressed to go home and post something positive on the web. I was admittedly nervous about going all digital in some of our markets.  But one in five reviewers will mention how much they like our menus.  I can't recall anyone posting a review about how much they liked our paper menus

  • Kevin Gudejko
  • mainstreetventures.net
  • Mainstreet Ventures, Inc

Menuvative give us an edge in a competitive market.  But more importantly, the team at Imenutech is very knowledgeable and understanding of our business. That's a refreshing quality in a service provider, especially one providing a breakthrough technology.  

  • Scott Sadoff
  • bistro82.com
  • Bistro 82 - Royal Oak, MI