Integrated Marketing

Internal Marketing - the Death of Table Tents

Once you remove the constraints that page space, budget, and time place on a menu, it suddenly becomes a new medium with expansive opportunity.  When is the last time you looked at a table tent and ordered something from it?  Probably never. Marketing the current or upcoming promotion, feature, or special is difficult because it has always been done on secondary pieces of print that rarely get the attention of the restaurant guest.  Those pieces usually get shoved aside.  Give people too many menus and your are likely to annoy them.  With Menuvative®, adding promotions or featured items takes just minutes and it is integrated directly into the menu where decide. The presentation is direct and highly focused. In fact, studies performed with our clients revealed promotions integrated into Menuvative menus were more than twice as effective as the same promotion using tablet tents.  With Menuvative®, you can eliminate all your menu printing AND and all the printed materials for in house marketing.  You'll save money and get better results.

External Marketing - New Revenue Opportunity

As Menuvative® grows in every new market, so does the opportunity for you to use your menu as a revenue generating tool. The menu captures the attention of your guests so well that it can be a valuable platform for promoting local business near you - especially for restaurants in hotels or near retail business. Done tastefully, two additional pages in your digital menu can support a few local businesses of your choice and generate enough ad revenue to pay for your menus completely. You can negotiate these opportunities on your own or enlist Imenutech to present advertising opportunities on your behalf. Many Menuvative® clients have successfully captured new revenue streams and vendor support by leveraging the flexibility that our menu platform provides.