Instant Editing

Change a price, vintage, or description; add a new item or remove an out of stock item until it's available again.  All in seconds to minutes instead of hours.

Time is money!  Imagine how much time and energy you would save if you could make changes to the menu instantly. Imagine how much more flexibility you would gain if you could simply change one item at a time, exactly when you want the change to occur. Imagine never having to apologize for an 86'd item because you have the ability to take something off the menu immediately, and then add it back on with a single click of your finger when it's available. Imagine making vintage and price changes to your wine list the moment the changes occur. Imagine all of your menus being precisely accurate 100% of the time. Imagine having a menu that is dynamic and flexible - one that can respond instantly to the availability of fresh, local produce or sell items that offer extra profit.

"I can't believe we did things the way we did for so long. I can't imagine having to go back to paper ever again."

We have't just heard this from one client-- we hear it ALL THE TIME! Many small edits, like a price, vintage, or availability change can be done in seconds from your smartphone or computer. It gives most people goosebumps the first time they make a change. Dare we say, you'll actually start to enjoy changing your menu!