Menuvative Strategy

Improve the menu experience while maintaining the integrity of the dining experience

Most new products are developed by modifying or combining existing technology and the market decides if the result is worthy of attention.

Truly innovative products are not modifications of the status quo. True innovation breaks away from an existing model and builds a new one altogether, rending the old model obsolete. This kind of innovation requires vision, commitment, and the will to create something before the market understands it is needed.

When we survey guests using Menuvative®, the most popular comment is that they love how it enhances the menu experience without taking away from the dining experience.  That is the Menuvative® strategy - Improve the menu experience while maintaining the integrity of the dining experience. 

People are generally more sensitive to the quality of service than the quality of the food they are served.  In fact, they will often give a restaurant a second chance if a mistake is made on the food as long as the service is good, whereas few people will return to a restaurant if they are treated poorly or the service is bad, even if the food is good.   Even experienced servers make mistakes when timing orders with the dining sequence and handling check payment. We believe the expectation that the average person is capable of managing their own service in a traditional dining environment is absurd. To fully understand what Menuvative is, it helps to understand what Menuvative is not..... 

  • Menuvative® is not a self-service device
  • Guests do not order or pay from Menuvative®
  • Menuvative® is not for games, videos, or internet use
  • Menuvative® is usually not mounted to a table or shared.  Every guest gets a menu just as they always have.


Menuvative® was designed by veteran restaurant operators as a better way to manage and present the menu in the casual to fine dining segment. The proliferation of tablets in the restaurant industry can be confusing. Tablets are now used by servers as mobile POS systems, mounted to tables as entertainment and quick order novelties, as wine lists, and as a signup tool for loyalty programs. None of these applications are actually effective MENUS.  When you talk to us about Menuvative, we'll tell you where our nearest client is so that you can truly experience the difference between a solution and a gimmick.