Menuvative Software

The Menuvative® platform consists of two software pieces: 1) a cloud based application that allows users to manage their menus quickly and easily from anywhere, and 2) an Android app that synchronizes the menu, secures your tablet, and integrates 3rd party apps of your choosing.

Menuvative® Web It all starts when you sign up for an account at This is where you manage all of your menu content.

To expedite the set-up time, Imenutech can enter all of this information for your convenience.

Your web account will be your cloud storage place for all of your menu content. You can build several menus and easily switch back and forth between them as you need. Seasonal changes will get easier and easier and you can simply drag and drop items that you've created on and off your menus.  After a few months of use, you'll enjoy being able to quickly replace a menu item with something you've used in the past. Run out of something? No problem. Just log into your account to temporarily disable the item and watch it vanish off your menus in minutes. No more apologies for running out of something. Menuvative is a responsive site so it works with most smart phones and tablets.  You can even set up menu scheduling from your account so that your tablets switch between different menus at the exact time you want them to.  

Menuvative® Android App Once your menu creation is complete, your menus can be loaded onto an Android tablet with the Menuvative® App. 

What's the Cost?

Here are the things you'll need:

1. Enough Android tablets to provide to your customers. If you need help estimating how many tablets you will need just give us a call.

2. You'll probably want cases to protect your tablets so they last a long time.  A good table will last more than 4 years on average.

3. Your tablets need a Menuvative subscription.

4. A few optional things you may want to invest in: Photography, Charging/Storage cart, extended warranties/insurance, photography, initial design and data entry

You can download Menuvative subscription rate information here



We work with Best Buy and several leasing companies  to provide flexible financing options for qualified applicants so that you can reap the many rewards of Menuvative® without an upfront capital investment.  Call us for details.