Designed for Android




Tablet Menus

Menuvative is compatible with Android tablets.  In most cases, this is the most affordable way to present a menu today.  Imenutech will typically stock a current Android model and offer it at the going retail price with the added advantage of being preloaded and properly setup for your convenience. Menuvative clients are welcome to use their own Android tablet solution and set them up using our published tutorials.  Menuvative is NOT compatible with the Apple iPad. 


XL Hybrid Displays

Why install a static digital menu board when you can have a fully interactive digital menu display that can be managed from the cloud in real-time?  The XL Hybrid Displays are custom manufactured for a life sized Menuvative experience.  They range from 42" to 55" in size and are available as a wall mounted or floor standing display(as shown).  Call today for pricing.   

XL Hybrid Menu Board























Storage & Charging Solutions

The following storage solutions integrate power management, ventilation and security in an efficient and organized way. 

Global Industrial 36 Tablet Cart

Global Industrial 75 Tablet Cart