Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tablet not displaying the default or scheduled menu?

You need to check 3 things:

1) Confirm that your tablet is connected to WiFi and internet.  If not, get it connected.

2) Confirm that the clock in the notification panel is set to the right time.  If not, you can adjust this in Android settings.

3) Go to the Menuvative® Administrative Options, select "Manage Preferences,"  select "Menu display options," and make sure the "Use default menu" box is checked.

Is my Menuvative Android application up to date?

The Google Play store will occasionally make updates to the store itself and require authentication on all your tablets in order to continue auto updating.  We know this is frustrating but there's nothing that we can do about Google's update policies.  We have come up with a couple solutions to help make updating the Menuvative® app a bit easier if auto updating through Google Play is not working well.

1) When you do the 4 corner tap to bring up the Menuvative® administrative options, you can now see the current version of the tablet application and the last successful menu update time or update failure cause.  This will help you quickly identify whether or not you are running the latest version of the tablet application.

2) If you prefer, we keep the most recent version of the Menuvative App download file directly on our server. You can install a bookmark on the home screen of each of your tablets (email or call us for the URL).  You can then tap that bookmark to download the latest version whenever we announce an update has been released.  Make sure that in the tablet Settings & Security you have the "Unknown sources" box checked which will allow you to install apps that are not from the Google Play store. Go to the notification panel or your downloads folder when the download is done and tap the downloaded file.  Confirm the installation steps and Menuvative® will be updated.  Once you've place this bookmark on your home screens, this process only takes about 30 seconds for each tablet.  All Imenutech tablets come preset with this bookmark on the tablet home screen.


Why won't my tablet(s) update?

The answer depends on a few things.  

1) Is just one tablet not updating? 2) Are some (but not all) tablets not updating?  3) Are all tablets not updating?

 Each tablet should check in with your Menuvative web account to see if there are any changes that need to be made to your menu on an interval that is set in the tablet app’s Administrative Options.

 1) For any tablet that is not updated, it is almost always because something has caused the tablet to lose an internet connection.  Try exiting the Menuvative app, then go to your tablet's settings panel and confirm you are connected to a WiFi connection.  If not, you need to get your tablet connected to WiFi.  Next, open up a browser and go to any web page to make sure your router has internet access.  Be aware that a WiFi connection does not guarantee internet access, it only confirms your device is connected the WiFi router. If you are connected to your router but your browser can't connect to the internet, something is wrong with your internet service and you may need to reset your modem or call your ISP (internet service provider) to re-establish internet.  Establishing a robust WiFi network that supports simultaneous connections to the number of tablets you are using is essential.  If you experience this problem frequently, you should consult a network specialist.

2) If several tablets are not updated but others are, your router may not be able to establish enough connection with all of your devices.  You should upgrade your router to one that can handle enough connections to accommodate all of your tablets.  The short fix is to turn off the tablets that have updated already, then reset your router to clear out those connections.  When the router reboots, it should then be able to connect with the tablets that have not yet been able to establish a connection.

3) If all tablets are not updating, your internet or WiFi router is likely not working.  Check to see if any internet enabled device can access the internet through your router.  If not, you may need to reset your modem and/or WiFi router.  If this doesn't work you will need to call your ISP (internet service provider) because you may have lost internet service.

Why are there items missing on my menu?

This is a common memory slip, but you or someone else probably disabled (86'd) an item due to an out-of-stock issue and forget to re-enable the item when it was back in stock. Don't worry, almost everybody does this at least once. Look up the missing items and un-check the "disable item" box at the bottom of the item's setting panel.  This is a powerful capability but can take a little getting used to.

Why don't I see an item image or background image that I have loaded?

You may not have loaded your image with the proper settings. This is a very common error.  If you simply take a picture and upload it without optimizing the image, the file may be the wrong size or format to upload and download properly.  The images you upload must have the following parameters.  If you do not have the appropriate image editing software to accomplish this, we recommend a free image editing software called Irfanview. 

You can download Irfanview here and our how to guide here.   

Specifications for Images in Menuvative

Menu Page Backgrounds:  800 pixels wide x 1232 pixels tall, JPEG format, less than 100Kb

Wine Label Images:  350 pixels x 350 pixels, JPEG format, less than 25Kb

Food or Other Beverage Images: 720 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall, JPEG format, less than 50Kb

NOTE:  There is no advantage to uploading higher resolution photos because it exceeds the tablet resolution.  This will only slow down the performance of your menus and some images may not download correctly or at all.  If you end up with blank white page backgrounds or item images, you can try refreshing the image by loading it again on your Menuvative® Web account, or you can go into the tablet's Administrative Preferences > Device Management, and "delete all menu data" then re-download the menu data as you would from the beginning.