Menuvative pioneered the concept of tablet menus nearly 10 years ago.  Founded by restaurant veterans, we know more about menu engineering and the guest experience than anyone in the business!  One look at Menuvative’s features and you’ll quickly realize nothing else even comes close.

You have options for table side technology today. But there’s a big difference between getting menu items onto a device through template driven apps and a robust software platform centered around the design, presentation, scheduling, and maintenance of interactive menus that improve the guest experience while increasing sales .  Menuvative does so much more:

  • A cloud-based management platform that supports organizations with multiple properties, multiple users with adjustable permissions, and multiple device classifications.
  • A menu experience that feels like a menu rather than a website or an app. Whether your guest is 80 years old or 8 years old, they will find Menuvative familiar and helpful.
  • Complete design autonomy with a powerful suite of menu editing tools.  You control the look and feel of your menu because we understand preserving your brand means more than adding your logo to a template.
  • Powerful presentation with photos, detailed descriptions, suggested wine and/or beer pairings, allergen and dietary restriction information, and full nutritional information.
  • Consolidation of all of your menus into a single, uncluttered, cohesive experience.
  • Ditch the table tents and market your features, promotions, and events where they are most visible. 
  • Pairing Pro® – a patented food and wine pairing algorithm that automatically suggests the best wine pairings for every food item from your wine list.
  • NEW!  Website Integration – You’ll never have to edit your website menu again!