The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path

Imenutech is 5 years old this month! What a great time to reflect. After a stressful year of secretive product development, we launched Menuvative to a mixed response. Some stroked my ego like I was the next Steve Jobs. Other’s looked at me like I was Doc from the movie Back to the Future, pitching the idea of the Flux Capacitor and time travel. I find relief that this theme has been echoed by many of history’s pioneers.

Back then, people were just starting the romance with their smartphones and had not yet become married to them the way they are today. I find myself so grateful to our earliest clients. You took the risk and bought in when tablets were 3 times today’s cost and the benefits had only been proven in a few restaurants. As you’ve begun upgrading your hardware, I’m happy to see your costs drop and your ROI rise even more!

This summer we launched Menuvative X3, a complete redesign 2 years in the making. It is smarter, faster, built to scale in large organizations, and literally better than our original product in every way. Also, the cost of tablet technology has hit the floor as we predicted it would. The future is never certain, but it sure is much more clear and exciting at this moment in time.

Our clients and partners around the country have laid a great foundation these last 4 years. I’m so proud to see Menuvative used in so many concepts and in ways I didn’t even imagine. They range from small Bar & Grills to Pizzerias, Tap Houses, Wine Bars, Bistros, Steak Houses, Seafood, Italian, Indian, or Japanese restaurants, hotels, resorts, and casinos. Our experience has taught us Menuvative succeeds wherever a menu is needed and an innovative spirit exists. Their success presents restaurants with the burden of proof and a very tangible choice: either lower costs, increase sales, and improve the guest experience – or continue doing things the inferior way that they know at their own expense.

Thanks again to all of those who chose to walk the path with us before they knew the path. We know the rest of the industry will see your success and make a smarter choice soon enough. I wish I could use that Flux Capacitor now to get a peek at this industry in another 5 years.